360 Photography

The big word in social media the last years has been 360. While 360 and panorama photography has existed for a long time, Google Street View and new technology, especially consumer cameras with multiple lenses has brought this kind of photography and later videography to the masses.

We have been doing panorama and 360 photography for 15 years and have much experience in different styles of 360 photography and visualization.360s can be made in one of several ways, with a dedicated 360 camera which makes it quite fast and easy, an elevated 360 camera which provides a better overview of the landscape.


Using a motorized camera or manually operated DSLR will however provide much higher quality and resolution, but can be hard to use  in locations with a lot of movement(s) as 20-30 pictures has to be taken and later stitched up to create the final 360 image.

The later is also the same for 360-images created from drone, but create a very nice overview of an area. As a drone can not shoot upwards the sky has to be photographed through a separate camera, manipulated partly or fully. All toghether it is a bit more complicated than the normal 360-photos, but the incredible results makes it totally worthwhile.

Google Street View / Maps

Google Maps / Streetview offer a great way to show of your location. The 360-view is great for this, and the app also let the visitors roam around like your location was a minimap with navigation.

The images will be instantly available in Google Maps / Streetview after we have processed them.

Real Estate 360

360 photography has a lot to offer in Real Estate to visualize a property in a more complete way. For this we have a special 360/3D camera from Matterport. Se the Matterport page for more information about this.

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