Matterport Spaces

Matterport Spaces aren’t traditional photos or video. They’re a completely new form of immersive media that invites you to explore a place as if you were really there. Step inside a Matterport Space and start exploring somewhere new.

Get up in the air

Get up into the air and get a total new perspective. We can today offer pole photography which is great for a bit better overview of your property or project. And in the future we hope to offer aerial photography.

Real Estate and Commercial Photography – Gran Canaria

The key to sell your property is to attract attention from potential clients. The more people you get the attention from, the more likely you find the one buyer that is willing to pay your asking price.

In a market where the clients are flooded with offers – you have to really stand out to get the necessary attention that leads to actually being able to show your property to potential clients, that might be the ones to actually buy it.

The photographers behind 45photos have many years of experience in capturing photos of real estate and landscapes in the Canary Islands.

We know the secret to capture good photos at this very difficult place where the sun can be a lot more challenging than you might expect. Please have a look at our portfolio and contact us for a offer to make your house stand out.

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